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About Us

About Us

Turning your head over heels is our priority. Life today is very jammed up with the workload and endless responsibilities that is where DREAMY BREEZE comes in, to give your most memorable and happy time. Our prime concern is to make sure that you travel a lot with extremely handy guidelines from team “DREAMY BREEZE”. From best places for long holidays to short adventures, we will hold your hand thoroughly. All the information you need to know about the place and accommodations are just a click away. Quick tips from us are exactly what you will need to overwhelm your dear ones. We care about your journey a lot and so we have specially picked up places for you in the house. Our motto is to make you more of a traveller than just a tourist. 


Team Dreamy Breeze


This highly enthusiastic team is combo pack of computer engineers and a mechanical engineer. Young hands and eyes on the mission to guide travellers.


1. Harsh Patel

He is a team leader and a very generous person to be with. Intelligent talks are his cup of tea and being in his shade is a blessing to us. He always says “blurry vision can be turned into clearer one, but having one is mandatory ”.

2. Kinjal Deputy

She is a digital backbone of Dreamy breeze. SEO and website maintenance is her part of work. Her laughter injected talks are something anyone can adore. “shoot, but shoot with accuracy” is her key point.

3. Chandani Lunagaria

A computer engineer finding a way through writing. She is a content writer here and finding new ways to keep visitors engulfed. She goes by a line, “being imperfectly perfect is perfect”.

4. Kruti Patel

She is a computer enthusiastic with a vision of horizon. Coding is her favourite thing to do and this beautiful website is partially created by her. Simplicity and elegance combined together define her perfectly.

5. Maitri Patel

An art curator and also a brilliant artist. She is a computer engineer more into art. This beautiful website is designed by her. This young graphic designer can pull in dullest of a dull frame to brightest one. Simplicity is her charm and patience is her best mate.