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Places To Visit In Surat | Surat Fort || Dreamy Breeze

Surat Fort_Best Places To Visit In Surat

Places To Visit In Surat | Surat Fort | Gujarat Tourism: First of all thanks for visiting this article, if you are planning a weekend at Surat, the Diamond City of Gujarat then you are visiting the right place. Here we discussed all the details about the Surat Fort, Such as how to reach, which is the best time to visit, what is the rates of the tickets and many more. So get ready to visit the new weekend getaway for all the Surtis “Surat Fort”.


Surat Fort | Places To Visit In Surat

History of Surat Fort (Places to visit in Surat)


Situated on the banks of river Tapi has a wonderful sight to behold and take a deep dive into the architectural aura of once a big port city.

Located in Chowk Bazaar area of Surat it includes the amalgamation of the variety of culture in it. It was built by the Gujarat Sultanate in Ahmedabad inauguration by Mahmud Shah III. Initially, it was built to safeguard Surat from foreign attacks. This task was entrusted to a proficient Turkish soldier Safi Agha entitled as Khudawand Khan.

It primarily saved a city from Portuguese attacks during the 15th century.

It contains essence taken from following architectures:

  • Sultanate
  • Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • British
  • Mughal

Mughal Emperor Akbar’s eyes widened out by seeing such beautiful sea for the first time. During his time Surat was a prime port

First British Fort was established at Surat.

With the ascension of each new ruler, there was the certain modification in cultural heritage. This all got together in one place.


Surat Municipal Corporation has wonderfully renovated this beautiful structure keeping alive its true spirit. From a

From the courtroom to burjs every minute detail has been taken care of. History is beautifully recreated.


What Is The Best Time To Visit Surat Fort?

The best time to visit one of the best places in Surat is the weekend obviously. We recommended visiting this Surat Fort in the evening or late afternoon. As everyone knows about the Surat’s weather, the afternoon is not the right time to visit anything. We recommended visit this Surat Fort with your friends as well as with your family. The Surat Municipal Corporation renovating this fort from past 2 years and completed the half of the work. Still, more than 2 years needed to completely renovate this historical fort of Surat. 


Basic Details About Surat Fort?

Cost Of Tickets:- The tickets rates vary between 40 to 100 INR per person. It varies with the age group of the visitors. For child/senior citizen the rate is lower and for the remaining categories, the rate is somewhat higher. If one wants to take pictures so for it he/she wants to pay extra for it.

Timings:- The Surat Fort closed every Monday. For the remaining days, it will open from 10 AM in the morning to 5 PM in the evening.

Facilities:- The ample space for the parking for two-wheelers as well as for four-wheelers. If one came along with some luggage, then there is a clock room as well. The garden cum sitting area in front of the fort is available to spend some time with your family before leaving.

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