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Saputara Hill Station | Only Hill Station of Gujarat (2018)

A Glimpse of Saputara Hill Station

Dreamy breeze thank you, surely you are not getting disappointed! So all the way around it’s gonna be wavy and twisty, breathtaking views and world-class facilities and memories for life-long. Saputara hill station is the only and most beautiful hill station of Indian state Gujarat. Charming as a little angel and exciting as your favorite sport. Why wait, let’s climb to memories awaiting at Saputara Hill Station.  

Why Saputara Hill Station?

Eye-catching views, beauty to die for, cool as heaven, the warmth of locals, glimpse of rural art, site-seeing,  wonder of nature, mesmerizing waterfalls, a world-class hotel, facilities, chance to trek and the most important of all “unlimited memories guaranteed”.   

Best time to visit Saputara Hill Station!

Excitement filling the air but wait, have a look at best of Saputara. Monsoons are said to be and indeed is the best time to visit Saputara. While climbing up, don’t get fantasized if you come across little waterfalls because they will accompany you throughout! Clouds will welcome you touching your feet and might even blur your vision for a moment. Monsoon is a synonym to budding and flourishing nature. One more advantage of monsoon is monsoon fest of Saputara organized by Gujarat tourism, it will surely give you an insight into the traditional culture of Dang. Visiting Saputara in summers can be relaxing as it will be way cooler than cities while if you are a winter person you will definitely appreciate chilly mornings there.


How to reach Saputara Hill Station?

This pretty place is 152 km from Surat city and around 300 km from Mumbai city. Visitors mostly prefer cars or cabs to travel for the privacy while groups and kids travel by bus. You can also get a local bus to Saputara. The nearest railway station is Nasik(Maharashtra) at distance of 65 km. If you stay somewhere far you can either get a flight to Surat or Mumbai and then bus and cabs are on roll.


Watch This Video For Better Idea About The Saputara Hill Station



Places you should definitely see while in Saputara Hill Station

  • Table Point, the peak point of Saputara. A place with serene beauty and drowning air that can your worst of worst mood! Here you can enjoy a camel ride, adventure sports like Zipline or simply gaze at the sun going down. Sunset here just is heartwarming. Also an idle for your best pictures.
Table Point Saputara Hill StationSTable Point_Saputara Hill Station


  • Sunrise point, wake up just a lil before you every day do because you can’t afford to miss z-black sky full of twinkling stars and wait few more moments while gazing around to witness beautiful dawn. Here you can also enjoy paragliding at any time of the day.
Sunset Point_Saputara Hill StationSunset Point_Saputara Hill Station


  • Local market, place that interests everyone! Here you can buy authentic bamboo toys and accessories, shell jewelry, and your tummy will be grateful for lip-smacking vada-pavs from local vendors.
Local MarketLocal Market_Saputara Hill Station


  • Saputara lake, it is located in the heart of Saputara. Here you can enjoy boating surrounded by mountains at affordable rates and also choose between paddled or machine boats. Loitering around you can enjoy sour fresh fruits like pickled Amla, Tamarind and many more to choose from. Winters can serve you best strawberries here.
Saputara Lake_Saputara Hill StationSaputara Lake_Saputara Hill Station


  • Gira waterfalls, around 15 km from Saputara, this is breathtakingly beautiful waterfall which locals generally refers as “dhodh”. This highly picturesque this place will reside in your heart forever. Monsoon can be best observed here.
Gira Falls_Saputara Hill StationGira Falls_Saputara Hill Station


  • Hatgadh Fort, located on the border of Maharashtra and Gujarat. If you love to dive in history and visit long gone and somewhat dead places, this is a picture perfect place for you. From here you can have a mesmerizing view of mountains around. It is a remote place and if you are traveling in a group you can carry some wood and enjoy the campfire with a cup of joe. If you happen to be an artist you can sketch beautiful landscapes admiring beauty, or you can write a poem or compose some music! You will surely get creative here.
Hatghad Fort_Saputara Hill StationHatghad Fort_Saputara Hill Station


  • Botanical Garden, located at Waghai on falls on the way to Saputara. This vast garden will fill you with knowledge about trees and herbs. Everywhere flowery plants will enchant you with a huge variety of cactus in the house. If you have not seen touch-me-not plant then this place is awaiting for you.
Botanical Garden_Saputara Hill Station


Some Quick Tips Before You Reach To Saputara Hill Station

  1. If you are planning to visit Hatgadh fort then don’t forget to pack your shoes and cap.
  2. Get some bamboo art pieces or shell jewelry from market or chacha emporium to win hearts of you near-dear ones.
  3. Gira waterfall becomes little dangerous in monsoons, so don’t go out sight.
  4. If it’s winter, don’t return without having strawberries.
  5. You can also visit rose garden, step garden, honey bee center, Lake Garden.


Saputara Hill Station is the best place to spend your weekend or and a week-long holiday. It will soothe you, calm you and get you tons of memories.


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